Uniross Mini Hybrio Charger + 2 AAA Rechargeable Batteries


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  • img(LOGO_thumb.jpg) brand Compact Hybrio charger
  • Charges AA, AAA size batteries
  • Stylish new design, compact plug-in charger
  • Reverse polarity detection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Includes 2 x AA 1600mAh Hybrio batteries – The instant battery you can recharge!!
  • Hybrio batteries arrive ready charged and therefore ready to use. They remain charged for longer as they have a very low discharge rate (85% of capacity after 1 year of storage). They are also rechargeable 500 times and have a 5 year lifetime (depending on storage conditions)
  • The Hybrio batteries are environmentally friendly. WWF supports Uniross: Using a Hybrio battery will help to reduce waste.
  • AC 220-240v
  • Will charge 2 x AA/AAA Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh or Hybrio Ni-Mh
    Approx Charging Times:
    AA 1600 MU : 11hrs AAA 700 PE : 11hrs
    AA 2100 MU+ : 16hrs AAA 800 MU+ :13hrs
    AA 2300 PE : 17hrs AAA 1000 PE : 18hrs
    AA 2500 PE : 19hrs
    AA 2700 PE : 21hrs

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