Tropical Sun Stock Cubes – Chicken 8’s


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Tropical Sun’s Chicken Stock Cubes bring together the finest high-quality ingredients to help you enhance the flavour of any chicken recipe. Simply add one cube into 500ml of boiling water, stirring until the cube has dissolved. Alternatively crumble the cube directly into your dish whilst cooking to use it as a seasoning. Ingredients: Salt (42%), Flavour Enhancer (E621) (18,8%), Sugar (9%), Chicken Fat (8%), Soya Flour (7%), Spices (White Pepper and Curcuma) (6,2%), Wheat Starch (2,9%), Onion (2,2%), Chicken Extract Powder (1,5%), Flavour (1%), Garlic (0,2%), Carrot (0,1%) and Parsley (0,1%). May contain traces of Milk and Egg.

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