Royal Hemp Blunts Cali-Fire – 4 Blunts per Pack


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Royal Hemp Blunts Cali-Fire – 4 Blunts per Pack

HEMPaRILLO Royal Blunts are a new range of top-quality pre-rolled blunts. Made entirely out of hemp fibers, meaning that they contain 0% tobacco. They’re made using natural processes rather than using chemical components that other brands use to give their papers or blunts more flavor. You’re guaranteed smoke that is free of any impurities and no uncomfortable throat itching

Each pack contains four separated blunts so that they don’t end up stuck to each other. Each blunt is wound up in a tube and covered in plastic, making sure that they’re protected both inside and out

The package has an easy-open function and a top quality zip-lock – you can open it up and grab a blunt wrap, then close it up again without worrying about the blunts drying out. The package is completely sealed so there’s no need to worry about anything getting inside that could alter the quality of the blunts

Royal Blunts is the #1 provider of high quality roll your own smoking accessories. Our hemp is european sourced and always packs a punch with our exotic flavors, perfect for those that like smoking in a more natural way

Hemp is a renewable source for raw materials that can be incorporated into thousands of products. Its seeds and flowers are used in health foods, organic body care and other nutraceuticals

Brand: Royal Hemp-A-Rillo
Flavour: Cali-fire
Blunts per Pack: 4

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