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Rajah Garam Masala is the perfect spice blend to give an additional warmth and aroma to a wide variety of dishes.

Garam masala is an aromatic mixture of ground spices used as a base in many Indian dishes. The literal translation of garam masala is hot mixture. Despite the name, it is not hot. It is a pungent mixture of intense spices that raises the body temperature and helps increase the metabolism rate. Garam masala has endless culinary uses. It is usually added in small quantities at the end of the cooking process, or along with the tempering in curries, vegetarian dishes, soups or stews.

Ingredients: Ground Coriander, Ground Ginger, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Cumin, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Pimento, Ground Cardamom, Ground Clove, Ground Bay, Ground Cassia, Ground Nutmeg.

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