Cyclones Hemp Cones Blunts Wonder 2pk


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Pre-rolled flavoured translucent cones by Cyclones.

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Cyclones Hemp Cones Blunts Wonder 2pk

Cyclones Xtra Slo Hemp Blunts are super slow burning, pre-rolled blunt cones. Not only are they double wrapped with natural hemp, they also have bamboo tips that have been soaked in flavour for seven days!

Xtra Cyclones Hemp Cones Blunts (Wonder) burn much slower than most other blunts. This is due to their double layer of top quality hemp and their perfect cone shape.

The Xtra Slo Hemp Cyclone Blunt comes in a tough plastic tube which can be used to store your blunt once you’ve filled it with your choice of smoking mix. Nothing will crush your blunt in this tube – as you go about you day you can take it out for a smoke and replace it as and when you fancy.

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