RAW Black Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers


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RAW Black Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers

RAW Black Classic is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever made.
Made by Artisans from Alcoy in Spain these totally natural papers offer the discerning smoker a simple choice, RAW Rolling papers unbleached and unrefined or chlorinated rolling papers full of chemicals.
The choice is clear choose RAW rolling papers for a totally natural paper. RAW also have there own exclusive cross pattern watermark, which minimises runs and odd burning of the papers.
Hold these beautifully translucent papers up to the light and you see the honey golden brown natural colour of these rolling papers criss crossed with their patent pending watermark!

Brand: Raw
Type: Rolling Paper
Paper Type: Classic
Paper Size: King Size Slim
Dimensions: 110mm x 44mm
Leaves per Book: 32

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