Hornet king Sized Transparent Rolling Papers are nearly invisible, natural clear rolling papers, made from cellulose.
They burn clean and slow providing the user with a nice, smooth drag and a great taste.
The transparent Papers are a favorite among smokers. Their cellulose material keeps them from being affected by moisture. The fact that the papers are clear makes it possible for one to see the leaf within as the rolled paper burns. Hornet Papers burn very slowly, minimizing waste and providing a nice even burn. No glue is needed with these papers and you can’t accidentally roll the paper backwards. As these papers are smoked, they become firmer, increasing their grip on the leaf without affecting the pull. Durable and easy to roll, hornet transparent rolling papers is an excellent choice for those who roll up as their preferred method of smoking. We highly recommend trying hornet rolling papers. They are a very popular brand and the perfect product for first try. Natural 100% transparent cellulose kingsize cigarette papers. One Booklet Contains 50 Leaves.